Field Work in Nanning & Shanghai

The Embedded Education project team identified and conducted field research on two cases in China, one on HIV prevention education targeted at road construction workers in Guangxi and Yunnan sponsored by the Asia Development Bank (ADB), and one on women’s reproductive health education targeted at migrant female workers factories sponsored by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and their member corporations.

Lead by Guy Stuart, from October 18 to 29, 2015, HKS Embedded Education project team conducted the field research work investigating the road construction HIV prevention programs in Yunnan and Guangxi and female worker health education in various cities in China. The field work was carried out through interviews with key personnel of officials from the provincial and local Centers of Disease Prevention and Control and Transportation Departments, Head Offices of Expressway Managements, and of Technical Assistance team from Asia Development Bank for the HIV prevention program and interviews with management team from BSR based in Shanghai.


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