Workshop in Beijing

CKGSB and Harvard Kennedy School jointly hosted the workshop on November 2, 2015, at CKGSB’s conference room in Beijing on the subjects of Embedded Education and other academic research topics.  Over 50 participants attended the workshop, among them, were faculty members from CKGSB including Chen Xinlei, Jing Bing, Leslie Young, Li Wei, Li Xiaoyang, Zhang Xiaomeng, Zhou Li and Zhou Fei. Participants from HKS were Anthony Saich, Jorrit de Jong, Guy Stuart, Chen Hua, Siwen Zhang and Zhu Songyu. Jorrit de Jong expressed on behalf of Embedded Education research project team his appreciation for the great support and collaboration from CKGSB, which made the China field work possible and successful.

Jorrit de Jong and Guy Stuart presented the Embedded Education framework and the case study of China road construction HIV prevention in Yunnan and Guangxi. Faculties from CKGSB presented some of their latest research outcomes regarding various important economic issues in China. CKGSB and HKS Faculty meetings highlighted the fruitful discussions of shared views and perspectives on future corporations between the two institutes.


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