Embed HIV Prevention in the Safety Activities of Road Construction

The Guangxi and Yunnan road construction HIV prevention programs have typical characteristics of Embedded Education. It has the existing infrastructure (host) – the construction companies with direct supervision and support from government agent – the Head Office of Road Construction Management. It has the well-designed educational contents with accumulated experiences both international and local. They have consolidated teams of educators with a mixture of experienced international consultants, local doctors and professionals, and a multi-tier encounter groups from safety officers, managers to peer workers. The designed pedagogy (peer education and participatory training), tools and training activities that have the abundance of variety. They have demonstrated benefits of low cost through existing host and embedding the training in the existing safety management systems. They have accomplished their goals to reach out with critical HIV prevention knowledge to every single employee of the road construction sites. They have accomplished the programs within a constrained time limit through multi-level train-the-trainer mechanism. The programs’ high impact and effective training to the hard to reach road construction workers and local communities have demonstrated successful examples of Embedded Education.



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