Embed HIV Prevention in the Safety Activities of Road Construction

HIV Prevention
The Guangxi and Yunnan road construction HIV prevention programs have typical characteristics of Embedded Education. It has the existing infrastructure (host) – the construction companies with direct supervision and support from government agent – the Head Office of Road Construction Management. It has the well-designed educational contents with accumulated experiences both international and local. They have consolidated teams of educators with a mixture of experienced international consultants,...

How the Hard-to-Reach Functionally Illiterate were Reached?

Vulnerable target groups sometimes actively evade the reach of government policy, even if they stand to benefit from public services being offered.  Embarrassment about their situation, self-consciousness about personal shortcomings and lack of familiarity with opportunities for self-improvement keep these people out of the government’s vision, and therefore isolated. “Embedded education” leverages existing infrastructures of organizations with “touch points,” or points of contact, with hard-to-...


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Started in the Fall of 2014, the Embedded Education Research Project team at the Ash Center of the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government has been conducting research on Embedded Education practices. Embedded education is the practice of educating people through encounters they already have within organizations and networks that exist primarily for non-educational purposes. Embedded education is an important innovation in education and governance that has the potential to reach the million...