Learn Lessons about hypertension from Your Barber

The health education program in Dallas (community) is a program that delivers hypertension prevention education (content) to African-American men (learners), through barbershops (host organizations), while they are having their hair cut or waiting for a haircut by a barber (encounter), using posters and dialogue to deliver the education (pedagogy). The objective of the education is to raise the awareness of the men about their hypertension risk of suffering from diet and overweight, have them vi...

Workshop in Beijing

CKGSB and Harvard Kennedy School jointly hosted the workshop on November 2, 2015, at CKGSB's conference room in Beijing on the subjects of Embedded Education and other academic research topics.  Over 50 participants attended the workshop, among them, were faculty members from CKGSB including Chen Xinlei, Jing Bing, Leslie Young, Li Wei, Li Xiaoyang, Zhang Xiaomeng, Zhou Li and Zhou Fei. Participants from HKS were Anthony Saich, Jorrit de Jong, Guy Stuart, Chen Hua, Siwen Zhang and Zhu Songyu. Jo...

Field Work in Nanning & Shanghai

The Embedded Education project team identified and conducted field research on two cases in China, one on HIV prevention education targeted at road construction workers in Guangxi and Yunnan sponsored by the Asia Development Bank (ADB), and one on women’s reproductive health education targeted at migrant female workers factories sponsored by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and their member corporations. Lead by Guy Stuart, from October 18 to 29, 2015, HKS Embedded Education project t...

Meeting in Boston

Dean David Ellwood of Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, the USA and Dean Bing Xiang of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Beijing, China met at David Ellwood's office at HKS on February 27, 2015, signaling the official commencement of Embedded Education research project. CKGSB - a renowned private business school in China is the co-sponsor and collaborator of Embedded Education research project. The research project team led by Dr. Jorrit de Jong from the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy Sch...